The CATIA V6, V5 and V4 Translator Offer!
Moldplus, SA is offering the CATIA V6, V5 and V4 translators at an incredible price.Read more here..
Moldplus CAD Translator Version 7.2 with support for CATIA V6/V5/V4 Import, Siemens NX/JT Import, ProE/Creo Import and STEP AP242 for Mastercam 2021, 2020 and 2019.

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  • ProE/Creo Import with GD&T/MBD data
    (Supports latest ProE/CREO V7.0)
    Read native:
    - PRT

    STEP AP242 Import with GD&T/MBD data
    (Supports latest E2 STEP 242 versions)
    Read native:
    - STP

    Siemens NX Import with GD&T/MBD data
    (Supports latest NX 1934)
    Read native:
    - PRT

    Siemens JT Import
    (Supports latest JT V10.3)
    Read native:
    - JT

    CATIA V6 Import with GD&T/MBD data
    (Supports the latest V6 R2020X)
    (Clients with the Moldplus CATIA V5 Translator can purchase this license at an incredible offer!)
    Read native:
    - 3DXML

    CATIA V5 Import with GD&T/MBD data
    (Supports latest CATIA V5 R30 (V5-6 R2020)

    Read native:
    - CATPRODUCT (CATIA V5 Assembly format)
    - CGR (CATIA Graphics Rendering)

    Captured Views- Import and visualize them from the MBD tree for CATIA V5, V6, NX, ProE and STEP AP242 files!

    Import multiple files in batch mode.

    Entities supported:
    - Surface
    - Solids
    - Polygon mesh
    - Wireframe data (lines, points, curves)
    - Axes
    - Planes
    - Colors
    - Levels\layers
    - Drilling features
    - Import hidden layer entities from CATIA
    - Import manufacturing notes (Standard, General and Flag)

    - Import the CAD format feature tree under the Moldplus CAD tree - for Mastercam 2021, 2020 and 2019 for CATIA V5, V6, NX, JT, ProE and STEP AP242 files!!!
    - Create groups of selected CAD tree features and store them with the Mastercam file
    - Manage the CAD tree of assembly file imports with many new features

    - CATIA V6, V5, NX, ProE/Creo and STEP AP242 MBD/GD&T (Tolerancing information, MBD Dimensions, etc.) imported into Mastercam 2021, 2020 and 2019

    ** The MBD Reader along with the ability to capture images, move MBD, edit and create new MBD data is possible through the MBD sofware solution provided by Verisurf Software
    ** The CATIA V6 and V5 MBD/GDT import is an add-on to the CATIA V5 Read product
    ** The CATIA V6/V5 CGR import is offered with the purchase of the CATIA V5 MBD/GDT import license

    - Import of CPD (Composite Design3) data from CATIA V6 and V5 (listed in CATIA feature tree)

    ** The CATIA Import VALIDATE product is offered as an individual license from Verisurf Software

    CATIA V4 Import and Export.
    Read native files:


    Entities Supported:
    Wireframe data (lines ,points curves),

    Solids or Surface data as surfaces to CATIA V4

    Two-dimensional entities (defined in the drafting and detailing world) referred to as CATIA DRAWING entities and are not supported for V4, V5 or V6 CATIA files.

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