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Moldplus Product Comparison Chart

5-Axis Toolkit
5-Axis Toolkit
Fixture Design
Draft Angle Analysis

Parting Line Creation

Surface Extensions

Automatic Moldlocks

2D and 3D Edge creation

Mold insert creation / Stock electrodes

Cross Sections

Surface Trimming

Drafting layout. (ISO/ANSI/JIS)

Electrode Creator  

Surface Untrimming Tools  

Surface Junction  

Trim Editor

Splitting surfaces

Smart Surface Normals

Smart Surface Selector

Radius Analysis

Surface U/V Direction

Part Surface Extensions

Curve 5 Axis Path Creation/Toolpath Generation*

Point Path Creation/Toolpath Generation*

Stock Slice Creation

Moldplus Swarf Paths*

STL Tools - Split STL models /Create Edges

Moldplus Plate Fixture Creator

* Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Curve/Drill 5axis Toolpath licenses required to generate the Drill and Curve 5axis paths

Moldplus Professional and Moldplus 5axis Toolkit Professional products are available as a package


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