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PRODRILL Software has been acquired by CNC Software.

***Version for Mastercam 2017 and above will be provided by CNC Software!!!***

watch video>> ProDrill V4 Video on features and functionality

Feature based Drilling for Mastercam.
Repetitive drilling tasks that previously took hours can now be done in a few clicks! Rapid ROI!
Automatically identifies drilling operations independent of the CAD system source. Functions automatically with surface and Solid models from any CAD system.
Automatically create and insert complex drilling geometry and operations on Solid models and 2D drawings!
With one click of the mouse, all the holes are identified. Processes from the drilling library can be added by the user to the drill forms.

With one click of the mouse, all the holes are identified and the processes from the drilling processes library are automatically applied to the drill forms

Key Benefits
Lightning fast automatic recognition of drill forms and toolpath generation from Surface or Solid models
Automatic creation of new drill forms
User controlled addition of drilling processes to the new library
Graphic verification of possible collisions between the part and the tool
Generate drilling toolpaths for all operations for all planes or on a selective basis
Optimum manufacturing (intersecting forms, spaces, maximum drill depth, reaming, opposite plane finishing, etc)
Group toolpaths for optimal tool usage
Detailed reports for machining time and drill point data with operations list
Create drill forms from 2D models or on Solid models
Save time and money
and more ...

ProDrill Forms Table

Key Features
Easy to use graphical and interactive interface
Intelligent analysis of all drill forms encountered
Automatically recognize drilling features from solid and surface models regardless of CAD system origin
Identify drilling operations automatically on any plane and generate toolpaths for all forms or on a selective basis
Check for possible collisions between tools and drill forms
Create toolpath groups for optimizing tool usage based on form type, positions, groups or planes
Import color coded features for multi-toleranced (reamed) and tapped holes from various CAD systems and automatically recognize them.
Import drilling features for reamed and tapped forms from major CAD systems (Solidworks®, TopSolids®, TopMold®, CATIA® V5, etc.)
Graphically set and identify reaming and tapping features on drill forms and process them automatically
Automatically identify and process drill forms that exceed maximum drilling depth
Optimize tool plane rotation to minimize wasteful empty space movements and reduce machining time
Automatically create circle milling, helix bore or thread milling toolpaths for machining counter bores and large diameter cylinders
Optimal and intelligent tool selection, creation and management with complete user control.

Fast results for simple or complex drilling tasks.
With 1 click, identify all drilling forms for 2 axis to 5 axis parts, select tools intelligently, automatically assign drilling processes and generate toolpaths operations.

3D part with many different types of drill forms

With one mouse click all the complex drilling forms on every toolplane are identified

Add drilling processes to selected forms and generate the toolpaths in a few seconds!

Drill Form Creation
ProDrill gives you easy one click creation of drilling forms with all the associated features. One click more and you have a toolpath. No limit on the number of operations.

Create surface drill forms on 2D drawings and automatically assign drilling processes for them.

Market Driven
ProDrill is continually adding functionality in response to the numerous requests we receive from our users. New versions are accessible from Moldplus dealers.

AVAILABLE FOR MASTERCAM X9 and below from this website for eligible clients

ProDrill is a product of CNC Software

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