CAD Translators

The CAD Translator 8.3 offers many practical features for the end user to quickly import the 3D CAD models, access the relevant data from the imported CAD model and prepare them for manufacturing. This release is available for Mastercam 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

The version 8.3 supports the following formats:

CAD Product Supported versions File Formats MBD Import
From R10 to R32 (V5-6R2022) .CATPart, .CATProduct, .CGR *Yes
From R2010x to R2022x .3dxml *Yes
To 4.2x .MODEL, .MOD, .MDL, .EXP, .CAT No
From 15 to NX 2027 .PRT Yes
From 2000i to Creo 9.0 .PRT, .ASM, .PRT.*, .ASM.* Yes
AP203 (E1, E2), AP209, AP214 (up to E3), AP242 (E2) .STP, .STEP Yes
From 6.4 to 10.7 JT **Yes

Assembly Import

Import assembly files by previewing the part list and entity count.

Reduce import time:
  • Import only the selected assembly or part component files.
  • Load assembly parts on different levels.
  • Option to import the parts feature tree.

Manage the imported assembly files and components using the CAD Tree.

CAD Tree Import

Import the feature tree:
  • With geometry associations (where available)
  • CPD (Composite Design Data)
  • Manufacturing notes
  • File properties
  • And more

  • Generate reports
  • Delete nodes and/or geometry
  • Create view groups

  • Quickly access the associated geometry in the graphics area
  • Select a geometry entity in the graphic area and identify the tree node

  • Visualize the entities
  • Hide the entities

  • Search and filter components
  • Change colors
  • Change levels

MBD Import

2D MBD Views

2D MBD Views created using the Captured View names.

View all the MBD entities (associative and graphical data).

Store the imported 2D MBD views with the native Mastercam file.

Verisurf 3D MBD data

3D MBD data is imported and managed by the Verisurf MBD Manager.

View, move and edit 3D MBD data from the MBD Tree.

Use the associated MBD callouts in other Verisurf products for automated inspection tasks.

Create new 3D MBD data on native Mastercam files.

Minimum Requirements: Mastercam Design, CAD Translator license/s by Moldplus, Verisurf MBD license
* MBD Import license for CATIA V5 and V6 can be purchased optionally.
** 2D MBD views only.

Import of two-dimensional entities from drawing files such as “.CATDrawing” files is not supported by the CAD Translators offered by Moldplus.