Design Tools 12.1 - the latest version of the CAD Tools has been released for Mastercam 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

Design Tools Professional is the new name for Moldplus Professional
Design Tools Standard is the new name for Moldplus Standard

Design Tools

Design Tools Standard

Design Tools Standard offers the Mastercam end-user a range of tools to help prepare part models for manufacturing. Tools include allowing for surface trimming, surface normal setting, smart surface selection, edge creation tools, part surface extensions, mold split analysis, core and cavity separation and mold run-off creation,.

Reliable surface trimming tools for any type of surfaces. Quickly split (or delete) surface models using pre-defined boundaries or by planes!

Create 3D edges along the open edges of the entire part or selected faces only as lines and/or splines.
Quickly identify (and **fix) non-coincident faces/gaps in the part model.
Create 2D edges along the open edges of the entire part or selected faces as lines, splines or lines and arcs.

Surface extension tools along a part edge/single surface to prepare the part for machining along the:
  • Planar axis – extend along the construction plane axis.
  • Tangent – extend along the surface tangency. Vary the extension angle relative to the surface tangency.
  • Surface Normal – extend along the surface normal. Vary the extension angle relative to the surface normal.
    The extension depth for the above tools can be set by a fixed value, to a point or to a construction depth.

Surface extension tools for mold edges along a part edge/single surface to prepare the part for mold machining along:
  • Edge – create surfaces to the mold edge boundary.
  • Corner – create corner surfaces to complete the mold extension.
  • Automatic – create surfaces to the mold edge boundary in all 4 directions in 1-click!
    Manage the UV-direction of the automatically created surfaces using control lines (add, remove or tilt) in the preview mode prior to creating the final surfaces.

Analyze your part model to determine undercuts and machinable areas in 1-click. Undercut faces are automatically trimmed for easy slider construction.
Parting Line creation
Create parting lines along the entire split line/part edge of the mold.

Separate core and cavity geometry from complex surface or Solid models for mold manufacturing in 1-click.
Automatically separate core and cavity faces by colors and levels. Easily move vertical faces to either side.
This excruciating task that once took hours can now be done in a matter of minutes.

Create mold locks as corner locks or side locks along the mold edge.

Create cross sectional curves across or along surface models as single or multiple sections.
Create cross hatching geometry for closed boundary section views.

Create drafting ready 2D views (ISO/ANSI/JIS standard) or custom views from surface or wireframe geometry.
The created geometry can be used for dimensioning or other finishing tasks.

Smart Surface Normals
Smart Surface Selector
Radius Analysis
Surface U/V Direction

Design Tools Professional

Design Tools Professional builds on top of the Standard Tools by offering powerful tools for surface trim boundary manipulation, surface connection/junction creation, electrode creation and vacuum forming tools, creating curves and vectors along with path manipulation tools for 5-axis curve and drill machining. STL models can be split into multiple closed body sections and edges created.

* All of the Design Tools Standard Features

- Smart electrode face selection tool from surface or Solids models
- Electrode geometry preparation by:
  • Boolean operation
    Perform Boolean operations using the selected stock size on Solid models
  • Electrode Extensions
    Create tangent and draft extensions along with filleted corners prior to stock insertion
- Electrode stock and holder insertion
  • Preview, customize and edit the electrode stock
  • Preview the electrode holder
- Clone creation
  • Create copies of electrodes for use at other locations
  • Rotate and transform to new location prior to creation
- Output options
  • Create an electrode burn location report with images and details
  • Export electrodes as separate files with proper machining orientation
  • Create a simple machine loadable burn location report

- Move, Create or Delete trim node points – manipulate existing trim node points or create/delete new points
- Insert, edit or delete surface loops
- Cut/slice surfaces into multiple sections dynamically
- Simplify boundaries
  • Fill exterior gaps using a range of tools in a few clicks
- Fill exterior slots and interior holes in 1 click
- Merge brother surfaces that share the same parent surface as filled or untrimmed faces
- Extend the base surface boundaries by set offset values
- Offset individual face edges (all or each edge) by a set value
- Move multiple trim nodes between 2 fixed control points

- Create surface fills/patches with curvature as flat, tangent or curved tangent:
  • Fill entire holes
  • Select edge to edge options using the different selection limits
  • Dynamically create patches from any point on the edge/s
  • Preview the UV direction and edit the curvature of the fill prior to surface creation

- Slicing Tool
  • STL models into smaller closed body sections using the dynamic grid and preview tools
  • Export the STL bodies as external files or to the same part model
- STL Edges
  • Create edges on the STL part bodies

Curve/Drill 5axis Path creation
Part Surface extension
Stock slice creation

5-Axis Toolkit

Quick part preparation tools for 5axis machining. Powerful curve and vector creation and manipulation tools for Curve/Drill 5axis machining in Mastercam. Any client doing curve/drill 5axis machining in Mastercam needs these tools!

- Set Surface Normals to the same direction in 1-click independent of the plane direction. Works on single or multiple models in the same part
- Reverse surface normals of all faces in 1-click

- Select inner or outer boundary faces and change levels / colors for machining purposes
- Isolate faces by visualizing and identifying radii on the part

Identify smallest to largest radii on a part model.
  • Dynamically view the radius of any surface on the part model.
  • Isolate radii faces by different user defined ranges and copy/move the faces to different levels. This is very useful to determine what tooling to use for part machining and machine only those isolated faces

- Manipulate the UV direction of a selected surface

– Create curves and vectors on surface or Solid models for curve/drill 5axis machining.
- Creation
  • Edge path – create paths on edges
  • Curve path – Chain a pre-existing curve on a model
  • Auto – Automatically create curves and vectors on all open edges
  • Manual path – sketch a curve and create vectors dynamically on the part
  • Point path – create vectors on projected points or dynamically on the part for drill path creation
- Manipulation
  • Tilt the vector/s with superior ease to get the best path results and to avoid collisions with the tool/tooling
  • Add, edit or delete the vectors
  • Move / edit the curve path with a range of tools
  • Split or join paths using the tools
- Transform/Copy
  • Make copies of the paths and/or connect them with smart transitions
  • Create offset copy paths
  • Mirror the paths
- Paths Group Manager
  • Organize the paths for machining using the interface
  • Add Mastercam tool/s for different toolpath groups
  • Manage the Mastercam toolpath operation groups from within the interface – create single or multiple groups
  • Convert curve paths into drill path toolpaths
- Create the Mastercam Curve/Drill toolpaths***
  • Generate Mastercam toolpaths that correspond to the groups created
  • Curve or tilt modifications are immediately highlighted in the interface for toolpath regeneration

– automatically create tangent and/or draft extensions on the part external edges

– create stock blocks on parts for sand casting or manufacturing parts by sections.

*** Minimum requirements: Mastercam Mill, Mastercam 5-axis Curve Machining and Drilling

5-Axis Toolkit Professional

Create Swarf paths by creating curves and vectors along the wall angles (fully editable and tiltable).
- Instantly create the Mastercam Curve 5axis toolpath using the curves and vectors from these paths!

Plate Fixture Design

Quickly design and create an interlockable support structure consisting of 2D plates to support parts for trimming and other finishing applications.

Automatically create a dynamic grid or create a custom grid using lines for the along and across plates

a dynamic preview is displayed while manipulating the interlocking slots, plate thickness, chamfers, space between plate and part edges and holes. The plates can be created with scallops on top of the plate for easy loading/unloading of parts and with cutouts in them to make them lightweight. A base plate can be created optionally to support the vertical plate structure.

  • Create the plate structure assembly of the Solid plates
  • Create the 2D plate layout for 2D machining
  • Nest the 2D plate layout for cutting all the plate components from a large sheet
  • Automatically name the plates and etch them on the plates for assembly guidance

Plate fixtures can be economical when manufactured from wood or aluminum. The process of designing and manufacturing these plates can be cut down from days to minutes if they are being designed manually!!!

Comparison Chart

5-Axis Toolkit
5-Axis Toolkit
Fixture Design
Draft Angle Analysis

Parting Line Creation

Surface Extensions

Mold Splitting (Core and Cavity Separation)

Moldlocks Creation

2D and 3D Edge creation

Cross Sections

Surface Trimming

Drafting layout. (ISO/ANSI/JIS)

Electrode Creator  

Surface Untrimming Tools  

Surface Junction  

Trim Editor

Splitting surfaces

Smart Surface Normals

Smart Surface Selector

Radius Analysis

Surface U/V Direction

Part Surface Extensions

Curve 5 Axis Path Creation/Toolpath Generation*

Point Path Creation/Toolpath Generation*

Stock Slice Creation

Moldplus Swarf Paths*

STL Tools - Split STL models /Create Edges

Moldplus Plate Fixture Creator

* Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Curve/Drill 5axis Toolpath licenses required to generate the Drill and Curve 5axis paths

Design Tools Professional and 5axis Toolkit Professional products are available as a package